About alert views

Backup Exec has two views for alerts: Active Alerts and Alert History.

The Active Alerts view displays the alerts that are active in the system. The Alert History view displays the alerts that have been responded to, or the alerts that have been automatically cleared from the system.

By default, Backup Exec displays all enabled alerts. However, when you select an alert view, you can choose filters to limit the type of alerts that appear in the pane.

See Filtering alerts.

You can double-click alerts in either view to see more detailed information.

See Viewing alert properties.

It may be necessary to view the job log to troubleshoot an alert. You can view the job log from an active alert or from a previous alert.

See Viewing the job log from an alert.

The status bar at the bottom of the screen displays an alert icon. The icon that displays in the status bar is for the most severe type of active alert, which may not be the most recent alert.

About alert views