Viewing the properties for completed jobs

You can view detailed job-related properties for each job that has been processed. For some jobs, you can right-click the job and choose to retry the job, or choose to configure a custom error-handling rule for the error that the job failed with.

Errors that are reported in the job log contain hyperlinks that you can click to go to the Symantec Technical Support Web site.

The Job History dialog box contains two tabs: Job History and Job Log. The Job History tab provides summary information for the job. The Job Log tab provides job and file statistics. Most job logs display in HTML format. However, some logs may display in text.

To view the properties for completed jobs

  1. On the navigation bar, click Job Monitor.

  2. On the Job list tab, in the Job History pane, select the completed job that you want to view.

  3. In the task pane, under General Tasks, click Properties.

  4. View the information on the Job History tab or on the Job Log tab.

    See Job History properties for completed jobs.

    See Job Log properties for completed jobs.

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Viewing the properties for completed jobs