Completed job statuses

Possible job completion statuses for jobs that were processed include the following:

Table: Job completion status




The job completed without errors.

Completed with exceptions

The job completed, but one of the following types of files was encountered during the operation.:

  • In use

  • Skipped

  • Corrupted

Failed over

The job ran in a cluster environment and was active on one computer, and then the cluster performed a failover and the job was restarted on another computer in the cluster. There are two separate sets of job history when a job is failed over. The first job history will have the Failed over status and the second job history will have the status that is appropriate for the completed job.


The status is the same as the failed over status, however the Apply CheckPoint Restart option was selected.


The administrator terminated the operation as it was running.

Canceled, timed out

The Enable automatic cancellation feature in the Frequency – Schedule property was enabled and the job was not completed within the specified timeframe.

See Scheduling jobs.


The operation took place, but one or more significant errors occurred. The job log should indicate what caused the errors so that you can decide if you want to run the job again. For example, if a job failure occurred due to a lost connection during job processing, you could choose to resubmit the job when the connection is restored.

If a drive loses power during a backup operation, you should restart the backup job using a different tape. You can restore the data written to the tape up to the point of the power loss, but you should not reuse the tape for subsequent backup operations.

A failed job will have an error message in the Errors section of the job log with a navigable link to the Symantec Technical Support Web site.

See Linking from the job log to the Symantec Technical Support Web site.

A job may fail for the following reasons:

  • Devices specified by the job were not available when the job was run.

  • The logon account information used in the backup job is incorrect. Verify the logon account information is valid for the resource being backed up.

  • There was a problem with the storage device when the job was run.

  • The computer being backed up was shut down before or during the backup job.


The job was active when the status of the managed media server changed from Communication Stalled to No Communication. The custom error-handling rule for Recovered Jobs was applied to the job.

See Setting communication thresholds and active job status updates for CASO .


The job did not run during the scheduled time window. The job is rescheduled to run based on the time window that you configured.

See Setting the time window for a scheduled job.

Completed job statuses