Error-Handling Rules options

You can enable default rules or create custom rules to set retry options and final job disposition for failed or canceled jobs.

Table: Error-Handling Rules options




Shows the following information for each error-handling rule:

  • The name of the error-handling rule.

  • The type of rule, either Default or Custom.

    A default rule is a predefined default error-handling rule for a category of errors. You cannot delete default rules and you cannot modify default rules to include specific error codes in a category.

    A custom rule is an error-handling rule that you can create for a specific error code or codes in an error category.

  • The status of the job that activates the rule.

    The status can be Error, Canceled, or Failed.

  • The category of error codes that the rule applies to.

  • Whether the rule is enabled or disabled.


Enables you to create a new error-handling rule.


Enables you to edit an existing error-handling rule.


Enables you to delete an error-handling rule.

Error-Handling Rules options