Keyboard navigation within dialog boxes in Backup Exec

Dialog boxes contain groups of controls necessary to set options or settings for programs.

The following list contains some general rules about dialog box navigation:

  • The TAB key moves focus between controls within the dialog box along a preset sequence.

  • Controls displaying a mnemonic (an underlined letter) can be selected regardless of focus by typing ALT and the underlined letter.

  • A dark border indicates the default command button. Press ENTER at any time to choose the button with a dark border.

  • ESC chooses the Cancel button if one exists.

  • SPACEBAR chooses a control you select with the TAB key.

  • SPACEBAR changes the state of a checkbox that has focus. Typing a mnemonic (if one is available) will move the focus to the checkbox and change its state.

  • Arrow keys move focus within radio buttons, list boxes, sliders, groups of option controls, or groups of page tabs.

  • Items that cannot be changed are not visited by the TAB key sequence. Options that are unavailable are grayed-out and can neither be selected nor given focus.

While the controls described here are typically found in dialog boxes, they also can occur in other contexts. The same navigation standards will apply.

Keyboard navigation within dialog boxes in Backup Exec