About accessibility and Backup Exec

Symantec products meet federal accessibility requirements for software as defined in Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act:


Symantec products are compatible with operating system accessibility settings as well as a variety of assistive technologies. All manuals also are provided as accessible PDF files, and the online help is provided as HTML displayed in a compliant viewer.

Keyboard shortcuts are available for all graphical user interface operations and menu items. Backup Exec uses standard operating system navigation keys and keyboard shortcuts. For its unique functions, Backup Exec uses its own keyboard shortcuts, which are documented.

See About keyboard shortcuts in Backup Exec.

Items in the task pane that do not have keyboard shortcuts can be accessed by using the operating system’s “mouse keys”, which allow you to control the mouse through the numerical keyboard.

To see a table of the standard Microsoft navigation keys and keyboard shortcuts, select your version of Microsoft Windows from the table at:


About accessibility and Backup Exec